Ewa Kuran-Janowska ARTIST

about me.

Art is my lifestyle, not a hobby

I was born in 1982 in Torun, Poland. 

I am an independent contemporary artist, painter and graphic designer. 

Geometric abstract is my specialty.


These collections of my works are appreciated by collectors from around the world. 

Abstraction does not have to have a specific meaning. It can be interpreted differently by each viewer. It can move your soul, heart and mind. It’s an emotional kind of art that fascinates me.

My paintings are a decorative element of the interior. They  fit all interiors and furnishings.


My paintings are known for minimalism, eclecticism and modern form.

In my work I focus on texture, which can be thick and unconventional. I strive for the right combination of color and form.


My style concentrates on geometric forms. I work with acrylics and palette knives.

As an emotional creator I capture different kinds of human emotions. I am mainly inspired by the world and its changes.

I express all emotions through art.  I believe that art should have no limit.





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